NetX provides an entire family of remote sensing products. The NT-TEMP and NT-ROOM-S communicating sensors are designed to work in conjunction with the NetX™ thermostat family. The remote sensor network allows multiple sensors to be connected in a daisy-chain manner to a NetX thermostat. The intelligence of the network includes automatic averaging of Indoor Temperature if multiple sensors are connected. The GE22-xx and HP32-xx NetX™ thermostats automatically remove the thermostat's internal temperature sensor from the ambient room temperature calculation. This feature allows the thermostat(s) to be placed in a locked enclosure or a remote location (such as a closet) without the need to remove the NetX thermostat's sensor. The UP32-xx thermostat family also allows up to six (6) NT-TEMP sensor, plus the UP32-xx also includes the feature to either include or ignore the internal temperature sensor on the thermostat. If you need the NT-TEMP to 'disappear', simply mount it in a closet, run a 2-conductor cable to our nearly invisible NT-FS Flush Mount sensor and mount it in the conditioned space. Great flexibility! 

The NT-TEMP is a very versatile temperature sensor that can also be used as an outdoor sensor (with the associated NT-OUTDOOR weatherized probe) for any of the NetX™ thermostat platforms. This powerful sensor, when combined with the UP32xx thermostat family, can also be used as up to three (3) AUXILIARY temperature sensors, called AUX1, AUX2, and AUX3. When configured for any of these three auxiliary sensors, simply add an NT-PROBE (stainless steel probe mounted on a steel single-gang vertical box) or an NT-H2O (watertight sensor for in-pipe measurement). The temperature range for the NetX™ auxiliary probes is -40F to +200F, allowing them to be used for a variety of purposes such as Supply Air, Return Air, Walk-In Freezers, Walk-In Refrigerators, Circulation Pumps, Refrigerated Cases, and more!
The UP32-xx thermostats (all versions) allow up to ELEVEN (11) Remote Sensors to be connected to every thermostat!
Integration with the NetX™ thermostats is a simple three-wire bus supplying power and data to the sensors.

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Available NetX™ Remote Sensors

Name Description Type
NT-DRS Remote Digital Temperature Probe Probe
NT-FS Flush Mount Remote Probe (connects to NT-ROOM-S) Probe
NT-OSC NetX™ Occupancy Sensor - Ceiling Mount (connects directly to thermostat) Remote Sensor
NT-OSW NetX™ Occupancy Sensor - Wall Mount (connects directly to thermostat) Remote Sensor
NT-OUTDOOR Remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor Probe (connects to NT-TEMP) Probe
NT-PROBE 8" Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe (connects to NT-TEMP) Probe
NT-ROOM-S Remote Temperature & Humidity Sensor
 Remote Sensor
NT-TEMP Remote Temperature Sensor (connects directly to thermostat) Remote Sensor