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Got Wi-Fi?  Gain Control!

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The NetX Wi-Fi thermostat family is the perfect solution for a wide variety of HVAC control needs. Using your favorite browser on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone or Tablet, NetX makes it simple to effortlessly configure your daily schedules and vacations. Automated monitoring is integrated for everything happening with your HVAC system, including equipment efficiency. Secure dual logins allow for simple or advanced control of your HVAC needs.


HVAC Equipment Control Message Alerts Scheduling Remote Sensors Digital Inputs
X5-WIFI Gas, Electric / Oil (2H/2C), Heat Pump (3H/2C) 16 API, 7-Day, Event Yes Yes
X7-WIFI Gas, Electric / Oil (2H/2C), Heat Pump (3H/2C), Humidify/Dehumidify 16 API, 7-Day, Event Yes Yes