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BACnet Gateway for NetX X-Series & UP32/RP32 Thermostats

NetX X-Series thermostat no longer require a 'bridge' to be accessed over BACnet or Modbus! 

The industry standard Building Automation Control Network (BACnet) protocol and the Modbus protocol are used in nearly all major building automation systems (BAS).

Network Thermostat's (NetX) latest updates for all X-Series thermostats include BACnet-IP and Modbus TCP/IP as standard protocols.  Both are standard features for all Wi-Fi (xxx-WIFI-x) and Ethernet (xxx-IP-x) models new shipping.

Commercial facilities can start managing their HVAC systems and saving energy dollars using programmable wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi platforms to schedule and manage your HVAC systems.


  • Profile Selection via Integrated Web Server for Configuration
  • Configuration Auto-Selector (via DIP switches)
  • Auto-Discover All Points for Known Devices
  • NT-BAS Supports 1 x Ethernet and 2 x RS-485 Connectivity
  • Field Upgradable
  • Supports NetX™ Wi-Fi and Ethernet Communications Platforms
  • Supports all NetX™ RP32 and UP32 Programmable Thermostat Models
  • Supports Read/Write of all real-time points of operation
  • Supports Read of all real-time remote sensor points, digital inputs and occupancy
  • Supports Read/Write of all Schedules, Overrides and Vacation Modes
  • Up to 40 Thermostats per Gateway
  • BTL Registered Certified


    • BACnet Testing Labs (BTL) B-ASC
    • LonMark 3.4 Certified
    • TUV approved to UL 916 EN 60950-1, EN 50491-3 and CSA C22-2 standards
    • RoHS Compliant
    • DNP3 Conformance Tested
    • CE & FCC Approved

    BACnet Support

    • Alarm & Event notification read properties multiples, and more
    • BACnet COV’s, 20,000
    • Support up to 20,000 Host & Field points
    • DIP switches are for setting Address, Node-ID, Baud Rate on the RS-485 Field protocol

    Power Requirements 
    Power: 9-30 VDC or 12-24 VAC (RS-485 = 15-30 VDC or 12-24 VAC)
    Current draw @ 12V
        • RER @ 12V = 240 mA
        • LER @ 12V = 250 mA
        • FPC-N36 @ 15V = 200 mA
        • FPC-N37 @ 15V = 210 mA

    Environmental Operating Temperature
    -40F to 167F (-40C to 75C)

    Relative Humidity
    5-90% RH, non-condensing

    Enclosure Dimensions
    4.5 x 3.2 x 1.6 in. (L x W x H) (11.5 x 8.2 x 4.0 cm)

    NetX continues to lead the market with flexibility and simple installation solutions for commercial HVAC control and energy management. For years, NetX has listened to its customers and incorporated many user requests into its products. Now, we’ve taken those request and created the NT-BAS gateway to integrate NetX HVAC controls with any BACnet™ building automation systems (BAS).

    The industry standard Building Automation Control Network (BACnet) protocol is used in nearly all major building automation systems (BAS). The NT-BAS connects directly to the NetX X-Series, UP32, and RP32 platforms and translates the information to BACnet/IP, adding BAS support for all NetX thermostats and remote sensors. The NT-BAS provides translation for BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, Metasys N2 by JCI, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP. There are no configuration files to download in the field and all configurations are available to the user/installer simply by selecting the proper DIP switches for the protocol desired and selecting the thermostat model(s) in the embedded web server.

    Commercial facilities can start managing their HVAC systems and saving energy dollars using programmable wired Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi platforms to schedule and manage your HVAC system. As the facility continues to expand and the need for lighting control, access control and event management becomes a requirement, the investment in the NetX HVAC system is safe. Simply add a NT-BAS to the existing NetX system for simple integration with the BAS system of choice. NetworkThermostat integrates seamlessly with your expansion decisions.

    The NT-BAS includes flexible point mapping for each NetX device. It’s as simple as plugging the NT-BAS into an Ethernet hub, switch or router, entering the IP addresses and log in information for the thermostats, choose your desired data points and connect to the BAS via Ethernet. Also, the UP32 and RP32 Ethernet and Wi-Fi systems include a NetX exclusive BAS system failsafe override. This feature will allow the BAS system to control the HVAC units unless the X-Series, RP32, or UP32 does not receive a “BACnet active” response, whereby the X-Series, RP32, or UP32 resumes as the primary HVAC scheduler and runs the HVAC systems according to user configured schedules.

    Capable of supporting up to 40 thermostats, the BTL certified NT-BAS Gateway includes standard objects (a.k.a. points or data points) such as Analog Inputs, Binary Inputs, Analog Outputs, Binary Outputs, Analog Variables, and Binary Variables. The flexible NetworkThermostat energy management platform allows for thermostat BACnet control from a local area network (LAN) or from anywhere with internet access. As with all NetX products, there’s no need for a cloud service and there are no associated fees when you're not using our cloud service.

    The NT-BAS has been developed in conjunction with FieldServer Technologies using NetworkThermostat’s API. The API allows software developers and hardware integrators the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate the NetX system into other control and automation platforms. FieldServer specializes in building automation and facility management systems. With FieldServer automation systems, end users receive complete control over HVAC, lighting, access, security and water systems to allow facility owners to save tremendous amounts of money and energy.