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8” Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe (Requires NT-URS)

  • 8” Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
  • Optimized For Ducts
  • Optimized For Walk-in Freezers or Refrigerators
  • Temperature Range -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C)
  • Works with NetX X-Series Thermostats
  • Requires NT-URS (Installed Indoors)

    Thermostat Sensing Range: 
    -40˚F to 200°F (-40˚C to 93°C)

    Control Accuracy: 
    ±1°F @ 68°F (0.5°C @ 20°C)

    Remote Sensor Terminations: 
    Two Wire connected to NT-URS

    Sensor Type

    The NT-PROBE-SS8 temperature sensor is designed to work in conjunction with the Net/X™ X7 and X5 thermostat families. The NT-PROBE-SS8 is an 8" stainless steel temperature probe with a mounting flange. The NT-PROBE-SS8 can be used as a duct probe or space probe (such as a walk-in freezer or refrigerator) where the electronics needs to be housed outside the temperature measurement area. The NT-PROBE-SS8 is to be connected to the NT-URS sensor electronics. The NT-URS is required (sold separately).