New Backlight Version, Direct Replacement is the US32-NX

2-Heat/2-Cool for Conventional Gas, Electric, Oil and Radiant Heat HVAC Systems
Setback Thermostat with Wired XBus Communications

Secure Direct Connection via any Net/X Network Controller

The GE22-NX communicating setback thermostat is designed for new and replacement commercial or residential applications. The GE22-NX controls conventional HVAC equipment.  Using the Net/X™ network controller and the Net/X™ Command Center software for XBus™ and StrongMesh™ thermostats, Net/X™ makes it simple with near effortless changes to each setting on the thermostat. The pushbuttons on the thermostat can be locked to give restricted override capabilities, and the optional Occupancy Sensor enables automatic energy savings.