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GE22-NX (Retired)

XBus™ Wired Communicating Thermostat

Replacement Thermostat X5N-NX

    • Automatic Changeover from Heat-to-Cool and Cool-to-Heat
    • 2 Occupied (Day-Cool & Day-Heat) and 2 Unoccupied (Night-Cool & Night-Heat) Setpoints
    • Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius Display
    • Commercial Lockout with 1 or 3-Hour Override, with +/-3F Temp Adjustment
    • Lockable Access Cover
    • Plenum Fan Switch
    • HVAC equipment control using dry contact relays
    • 2 LED lights; LEDs triggered via 2 Digital Inputs which can be used for Equipment Faults, Dirty Filters, Condensate Overflow, or any other contact closure input
    • Up to 6 Remote Indoor Sensors (NT-TEMP or NT-IDS) and 1 Outdoor Sensor (NT-TEMP + NT-OUTDOOR probe)
    • Optional Occupancy Sensors Available (Ceiling and Wall Mount)
    • Integrated NetX™ API language, Allowing for the Development of 3rd Party Apps

    Rated Voltage: 20V to 30VAC, 24VAC nominal
    Rated A.C. Current: 0.05 to 0.75 Amp continuous, per output, surges to 3 Amps max.
    Rated D.C. Current: 0.05 to 0.75 Amp continuous, per output, surges to 3 Amps max.
    Control Range: Heating: 38 to 88°F in 1° steps (6 to 30°C in 1° steps)
                                  Cooling: 60 to 108°F in 1° steps (16 to 40°C in 1° steps)
    Sensing Range: 20 to 124°F (0 to 48°C)
    Control Accuracy: +/-1°F @ 68°F (0.5°C @ 20°C)
    Minimum Heat/Cool Deadband: 2°F (1°C)
    Dimensions: 4.5”H x 4”W x 1”D (114mm x 102mm x 26mm)
    Thermostat LEDs: LED1 - Red, LED2 -Red
    Equipment Terminations: R-24V switching voltage,  W1 - Heat1, W2 - Heat2, G - Fan, Y1 - Cool1, Y2 - Cool2
    Power Terminations: 24V - isolated remote power, 24V(c) - power common (from HVAC equipment or remote power)
    Thermostat Communications:  X1 - XBus™ communications, X2 - XBus™ communications return

    2-Heat/2-Cool for Conventional Gas, Electric, Oil, and Radiant Heat HVAC Systems
    Setback Thermostat with Wired XBus Communications

    Secure Direct Connection via any NetX Network Controller

    The GE22-NX communicating setback thermostat is designed for new and replacement commercial or residential applications. The GE22-NX controls conventional HVAC equipment.  Using the NetX™ network controller and the NetX™ Command Center software for XBus™ and StrongMesh™ thermostats, NetX™ makes it simple with near effortless changes to each setting on the thermostat. The pushbuttons on the thermostat can be locked to give restricted override capabilities, and the optional Occupancy Sensor enables automatic energy savings.