Replaced by → NetX X7-IP

2-Heat/2-Cool for Conventional Gas, Electric, Oil, and Radiant HVAC systems

3-Heat/2-Cool for Heat Pump HVAC systems, including Dual Fuel systems
Integrated Web Server with Email/Text Message Alerting
Humidification & Dehumidification Control
Flexible 7-Day 4-Events/Day Scheduling
Powerful Event Scheduling - 40 Special Events & 40 Calendar Events

Proudly Made in the USA. The RP32HE-WIFI thermostat is programmable communicating thermostat with connectivity utilizing Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless technology.  In addition to controlling humidity, in conventional mode, this Wi-FI thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to two (2) stages of heating. In heat pump mode, the thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to three (3) stages of heat, including auxiliary heat and emergency heat, with electric or gas (dual fuel). This 'E' version includes 'Event Scheduling' allowing for up to 40 special 1-time events and 40 calendar schedules. Integrated Weather Forecasting gives full 7-day forecasting and heat pump balance point control without the need for an outdoor sensor. The unit will work for the vast majority of the HVAC units in the marketplace.

The RP32HE-WIFI thermostat is a great solution where Event Scheduling and humidity control is needed in the thermostat (programmable) without the need for remote sensing.