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8" Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor Probe (connects to NT-TEMP)

  • Contains an 8" stainless steel duct probe with a wiring junction box
  • Up to Six (6), NT-IDS or NT-DUCT sensors may be daisy-chained to one networking thermostat
  • No addressing needed
  • All input/output/power on easy access screw terminals
    Sensor Type

    The NT-PROBE temperature sensor is designed to work in conjunction with the NetX GExx, HPxx, and UP32 thermostat families. The NT-PROBE is an 8" stainless steel temperature probe connected to a metal single-gang box with mounting ears. The NT-PROBE can be used as a duct probe or space probe (such as a walk-in freezer) where it the electronics need to be housed outside the temperature measurement area. The NT-PROBE can be connected to the NT-IDS or the NT-TEMP sensors.