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UP32H-IP (Retired)

Ethernet Thermostat w/Humidity Control & Advanced Remote Sensors

Replaced by → NetX X7-IP


    • Integrated Web Browser with 10/100Mbps Ethernet Communications
    • Integrated Humidification and Dehumidification Control
    • Advanced Remote Sensor Bus (wired) for sensing, monitoring & alerting of Remote Room Temp, Humidity, Supply Air, Return Air, Auxiliary Temp, Outdoor Temp and Occupancy
    • Two (2) Digital Inputs for Equipment Fault, Differential Pressure Dirty Filter Switch, Condensate Drain Clog, or other trouble notification
    • Occupancy Sensor Input for Automated Occ/Unocc Control
    • PC, Mac, Tablet & Smart Phone Connectivity
    • Automatic Heat <-> Cool Changeover
    • 7-Day Programmable, with up to Four (4) Schedules per Day
    • Selectable Smart Schedule Recovery™ allows system to achieve desired setpoint at the beginning of the schedule
    • Vacation Scheduling, including Start Now and Start Later Functions
    • Fahrenheit or Celsius Display
    • Programmable Fan, with Auto, On and Recirculation Functions
    • Integrated Weather Forecasts and Current Conditions
    • Internet-Based Outdoor Temperature (allows Heat Pump balance point use without the need for a real remote sensor)
    • Keyboard Lockout Feature for commercial applications, includes adjustable override from 0 hrs to 24 hrs
    • Selectable +/- 3 Degrees F or +/- 5 Degrees F adjustment during override
    • Dual Email & Text Message Alerting Features for User and Service Contractor (total of up to 4 recipients for each alert!)
    • Random Restart on Power Up™ Randomly Staggers restart of HVAC System After a Power Outage to Minimize Peak In-Rush Current for a Facility
    • Efficient Equipment Restart™ Randomizes Equipment Starts to Minimize Multiple Units Turning on Simultaneously When There Are Several RP32 and/or UP32 Thermostats at the Location

    Rated Voltage: 20V to 30VAC, 24VAC nominal
    Rated A.C. Current: 0.05 to 0.75 Amp continuous, per output, surges to 3 Amps max.
    Rated D.C. Current: 0.05 to 0.75 Amp continuous, per output, surges to 3 Amps max.
    Temperature Control Range: 
         Heating: 38 to 88°F in 1° steps (6 to 30°C in 1° steps) 
         Cooling: 60 to 108°F in 1° steps (16 to 40°C in 1° steps)
    Sensing Range: 20 to 124°F (0 to 48°C) 
    Control Accuracy: +/-1°F @ 68°F (0.5°C @ 20°C) 
    Minimum Heat/Cool Deadband: 2°F (1°C) 
    Humidity Control Range:
         Humidification: 10% to 60%RH in 5%RH steps
         Dehumidification: 35% to 75%RH in 5%RH steps
    Communications: Ethernet 10/100Mbps with RJ45 Ethernet dongle
    Dimensions: 4.5”H x 4”W x 1”D (114mm x 102mm x 26mm) 
    Thermostat LEDs: Red – Emergency Heat, Yellow – Inefficient Equipment Run, Green – Change Filter 
    Equipment Terminations: R-24V switching voltage, W1-Heat1 or aux/emer Heat, G-Fan, Y1-Compressor1, Y2-Compressor2, O/W2- Heat2 or Rev. Valve in Cooling, B-Rev. Valve in Heating, K/H/D - Relay / Humidify / Dehumidify
    Remote Sensor Terminations: RS1-Data, RS+V-Power, RS2-Comm Return 
    Occupancy Terminations: CLK1/CLK2-Dry Contact Input 
    Power Terminations: 24V-remote power (not used), 24V(c)-power common (from HVAC equipment) 
    Thermostat Communications: (to Ethernet backplate) X1-communications, X2 (not used)

    2-Heat / 2-Cool for Conventional Gas, Electric, Oil, and Radiant HVAC systems
    3-Heat / 2-Cool for Heat Pump HVAC systems
    Humidification & Dehumidification Control

    Advanced Remote Sensor Bus
    Integrated Web Server with Email/Text Message Alerting

    The UP32H-IP thermostat includes humidification and dehumdifications control and the industry's most advanced Remote Sensor Bus with 6 remote sensor types and up to 11 total remote sensors, 2 digital inputs and an occupancy sensor input.

    Proudly Made in the USA. The UP32H-IP thermostat is programmable communicating thermostat with connectivity as a Ethernet thermostat utilizing 10/100Mbps technology.   In conventional mode, the unit can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to two (2) stages of heating. In heat pump mode, the thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to three (3) stages of heat, including auxiliary heat and emergency heat, with electric or gas (dual fuel). Humidity control is integrated for all equipment types. Integrated weather reporting gives full 7-day forecasting and heat pump balance point control without the need for an outdoor sensor.

    This thermostat is an advanced version of the RP32H-IP thermostat. With the UP32H-IP, up to 11 total remote sensors of 6 different types can be wired to the thermostat's remote sensor bus, allowing sensing and monitoring of remote room temperature (up to 6 indoor sensors), outdoor, humidity, and up to 3 auxiliary sensors for supply air, return air, spare temperature (think walk in freezer or server room), and occupancy. Because the UP32H-IP works with either the on-board humidity sensor or the remote NT-HUM humidity sensor, it's possible to monitor and control humidity in a remote location.  Perfect for securing the thermostat in an enclosure and still controlling temperature and humidity in the space.  The unit will work for the vast majority of the HVAC units in the marketplace.

    The UP32H-IP ethernet thermostat is a great solution where humidity control and scheduling is needed in the thermostat (programmable) along with powerful remote sensing.