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NetX-Web Cloud Suite

Cloud software for XBus™ & StrongMesh™ Systems

PC & Mac Compatible!

Adding NetX-Web™ Internet-based management service greatly enhances the power of your new or existing NetX™ XBus or StrongMesh system. It takes our already highly efficient system to the next level with even more control, management, reporting, and savings. In addition to our famous point-and-click scheduling and real-time control, NetX-Web™ provides a host of charts and graphs for dynamically viewing historical events and data. These features allow for the complete analysis of ever-changing HVAC environments, giving you the power to fine-tune schedules and setpoints for even greater energy savings while maintaining comfort.

Plus, NetX-Web™ has all of Network Thermostat’s familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease of use that has simplified HVAC control for over a decade.

NetX-Web™ is a browser-based environment for the NetX™ XBus and StrongMesh thermostat systems, allowing full thermostat real-time control, scheduling, and monitoring, accessed in a multi-user environment, from any computer operating system: PC, Mac, or even Linux. NetX™-Web supports all of the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. For all of Network Thermostat’s customers since 1995, migrating to NetX-Web™ is as simple as using the one-button Import function, allowing each project to be pulled into the new service automatically.

    Mac Compatible

    Any Apple Mac® using OSX with Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi, and the most recent JAVA application installed.


    Windows Compatible

    • Compatible with all Windows 7, 8 & 10
    • Previous versions of Windows will not work.
    • Monitor resolution - 1024 x 768 or higher
    • 10MB available hard disk storage

    Windows Icons

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    NT-WEB-A Alerts Package

    Along with Project Management, the ALERTS Package gives both email and text messages alerting to a wide range of conditions including inefficient equipment run times, low inside and outside temperatures, high inside and outside temperatures, missing controllers, and missing thermostats.

    NT-WEB-G Graphing Package

    Along with Project Management, the GRAPHING Package gives Dynamic Graphing of any NetX thermostat in addition to detailed data and monthly usage reports for each piece of equipment in your system(s).

    NT-WEB-C Combo Package

    When complete power and flexibility are needed, the COMBO Package is the answer. This package includes all of the options of both the ALERTS and the GRAPHING packages at a discount.