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As an Add-On to CloudConnect™, CloudManager™ adds the following features.

  • Add an unlimited amount of users to the account
  • Create up to 8 roles that control access for users
  • Create Virtual Groups of thermostats to easy site control
  • Easily manage user access for contractors and other service professionals

    CloudManager™ is a revolutionary Multi-User HVAC management tool. CloudManager™ allows our new NetX™ X7 and X5 color touchscreen thermostats, in addition to our UP32 and RP32 thermostats to be controlled centrally by an administrator or building manager while granting access for users or residents to control their individual thermostat via our CloudConnect™ service.

    User Access

    With Administrative permission, Users can control their thermostat from a mobile device or computer. What the user has access to is determined by the administrator. Setup is easy and only requires an email address. Once a user no longer needs access, the administrator simply revokes and removes the user from the system with a few mouse clicks.

    Administrator Control

    CloudManager™ Dashboard gives you the power to grant web-based remote thermostat access to an unlimited number of tenants, contractors, and other users.  You can define up to 8 different user roles, controlling what they can see and adjust and what they can’t see. From a simple-to-use dashboard, administrators can organize thermostats into “Virtual Groups” making it a breeze to manage all thermostats at a single property or a nationwide portfolio!

    Submetering Support

    w The NetX Platform provides reliable deep-data analysis for runtimes and all thermostat operations. The system creates sub-metering reports for tenant billing based on actual HVAC usage for heating and cooling runtimes. It is compatible with all major tenant billing platforms. Subject to local and state public utility regulation.

    Mac Compatible

    Any Apple Mac® using OSX with Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi, and the most recent JAVA application installed.

    Windows Compatible

    • Compatible with all Windows 7, 8 & 10
    • Previous versions of Windows will not work.
    • Monitor resolution - 1024 x 768 or higher
    • 10MB available hard disk storage

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