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Posted: April 16, 2021

Network Thermostat Introduces New Universal Remote Sensor

APRIL 15, 2021 - GRAPEVINE, TX Network Thermostat (NetX), a leading provider of networkable, smart thermostats and HVAC systems, today announced the immediate availability of its new NetX Surface Mount Universal Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor (NT-URS). This latest release of thermostat technology represents the company’s commitment to serving ever-changing customer needs and its continued leadership in smart thermostat design and functionality. 

Smaller, smarter, and simply installed, the new NetX USR (a replacement for the NT-TEMP &  NT-HUM Remote Sensors) is an upgrade for customers looking to improve their facility’s temperature and humidity management. With an enhanced communication system, this innovation retrofits into existing systems smoothly where other sensors cannot. 

Key enhancements include the ability to use multiple NT-URS sensors on the same thermostat, configured to any of several functions, including indoor (with automatic averaging), outdoor, and other independent temperature sensing. This sensor also incorporates both temperature and humidity sensing in the same device. Most commercial thermostats use analog remote sensors that only offer remote temperature sensing. Through the use of solid-state electronics, NetX digital sensors are able to detect both temperature and humidity simultaneously and have additional connections for auxiliary temperature sensors, making them ideal for supply air, walk-in refrigerators, and other specialized applications. The multi-function NT-URS features a built-in LED that reports simple operation status and makes troubleshooting a breeze in any scenario.

Incorporating these sensors is a simple and painless process due to improvements in sensor housings and system communication systems. Significantly smaller than previous models, the new surface-mounted case, with a 60% reduction in size, no longer requires cutting sheetrock for installation. The enhanced communication system allows for successful communication with many different cable types allowing for use in retrofit applications where new sensor cables cannot be installed. By reducing intrusive installation and enabling enhanced communication the implementation process for the NetX replacement sensors is painless and effective.

Like other NetX solutions, these new temperature and humidity sensors are a perfect product for smart building automation in banks, factories, medical facilities, multi-dwelling units (MDU), schools (K-12) and universities, commercial offices and operations, retail sites, restaurants, and places of worship. 

Made in the USA, these replacements are readily available at the same price as previous NT-TEMP models.

For more information about NetX, please feel free to visit our website: www.networkthermostat.com

Downloadable Press Release: Network Thermostat Introduces New Universal Remote Sensor


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