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Network Thermostat Debuts Powerful NetX X7 Thermostat At 2022 CEDIA Expo, Booth #5041

Grapevine, TX, 9/6/2022– Network Thermostat™, a leading provider of smart[er] connected thermostat solutions for facility energy management and building automation, announced today we will be debuting the powerful NetX X7 thermostat at the 2022 CEDIA EXPO in Dallas, Texas in Booth #5041.

“We are excited to introduce the NetX X7 thermostat to the CEDIA market. The NetX X7 combines all the power and flexibility of Network Thermostat into our flagship model. With integrated BACnet and Modbus support, the NetX X7 thermostat offers CEDIA members a new arrow in the quiver to successfully win high-end residential and commercial contracts for HVAC control.” Jerry Drew, Network Thermostat founder, and CEO

The NetX X7's large color touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, and built-in BACnet and Modbus support are just the beginning of the true power of the NetX platform. In addition to controlling the heating and cooling, the NetX X7 supports humidity control. All schedules, including 7-day scheduling, 40 calendar, and 40 special event schedules, are stored internally, allowing the X7 to continue to operate during network outages. CO2 control is available with the X7C or via the optional NT-MOD-CO2 module with standard X7 models to measure, alert and control CO2 in the workspace, classroom, or residence. For high-security environments, the NetX X7 (and X5) thermostats are designed to work completely behind corporate firewalls. For more details on the massive feature list of the NetX Platform, visit us at Booth #5041 at the CEDIA EXPO and see why NetX continues to lead the way in commercial IoT HVAC control. '

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