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Network Thermostat Announces All X-Series Thermostats To Include Modbus And Bacnet Communication

Grapevine, TX, 01/01/2023 – Network Thermostat™, a leading provider of connected smart thermostats for commercial applications, announced today that Network Thermostat's X-Series thermostats include Modbus and BACnet™ Protocols.

“Our updated X-Series Smart[er]™ thermostats include the most traditional   Modbus and BACnet™ communication protocols along with our advanced cloud and local interface APIs making NetX the clear choice when looking for the commercial thermostat to bridge the gap between traditional building control and smart thermostats access.” Jerry Drew, Network Thermostat founder and CEO.

In 2022, Network Thermostat added BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols to all NetX X-series thermostats. In early 2023, The team at Network Thermostat will add BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU (RS-485) for complete Modbus and BACnet communication support. The X Series thermostats allow you to simultaneously run our state-of-the-art NetX CloudConnect™ for unprecedented Building Automation flexibility and control. Integrate a BAS platform to control thousands of thermostats with traditional-based applications while proving simultaneous user access to the cloud with desktops and smart devices.

The X-Series thermostats also include daily commercial scheduling, event scheduling, and Demand Response Control. Onboard data collection allows for historical review, sub-metering, and run-time reporting. Adjustable temporary override times and temperature ranges, occupied and unoccupied events, keypad lockout, and many more features are also included. 


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