NetX XBus Wired Thermostat System

Posted: April 30, 2013

Honest Savings for Candid Color Systems

NetworkThermostat, a leading communicating thermostat manufacturer since 1995, is pleased to share this customer satisfaction testimony. Fulfilling our “It’s gotta be simple…”™ philosophy while maintaining our “Triple Green”™ advantage, a NetX™ programmable communicating thermostat is easy to use yet saves time, saves energy, and saves money.


Summer heat in the south often makes accountants and facilities managers grown. Utility expenses go up substantially and facility comfort usually wains. Candid Color Systems knew they needed to act quickly, or risk loosing another hot summer to wasted energy and high utility bills. By implementing the NetX thermostat HVAC controls in the off season, they new they'd be ready for the summer heat and know their facility was under control and running efficiently.


NetworkThermostat offers very simple, yet powerful HVAC control systems. The Facility Manager can still operate the thermostat just as any other conventional thermostat placed on a wall. The distinct advantages of the NetX™ thermostat are communication and control. The NetworkThermostat system allows the Facility Manager to review all thermostats in the facility from the office PC or remotely from any internet connection, and to monitor events and decide, based on activities and occupancy, what temperature levels to maintain. The benefits are an unparalleled level of customization including daily scheduling, override capability, usage permissions and electronic lockout. These attributes are especially popular considering the volatility and continued escalation of today’s energy prices.


Candid Color Systems® was established in 1972 and has been the leader in special events photo finishing and photography for over 25 years. Their goal has been to provide their customers with fast, premium quality photofinishing and, simultaneously, provide marketing methods and tools, resulting in a competitive advantage in their market. Candid Color Systems® takes the lead in using technological advances in photography to offer new products and services.

Bob King, Technical Manager at Candid Color Systems® (the corporate umbrella for “Glamour Shots”), looked at the rising energy costs in their facility and began to research NetworkThermostat. Bob installed the NetX™ wired XBus™ System in his facility. He was impressed with how easy the system was to install. In only minutes he was up and running. Within a month he was recognizing substantial energy reductions. “At first we thought the savings were from milder weather, but after closer review it was clear they were result of a more precise control over the AC and Heating units. A 68,152 kWh reduction equals approximately $4,000.00 savings. In the first 7 months after installation we have saved $13,856.00 which is remarkable.”

This energy saving project even spurred the company to look at solar panels. Bob is planning to install 5 units in hopes of realizing even further energy savings. “We believe strongly that we all have a role to play in managing, using and conserving energy and every little bit helps”.

The benefits of an energy project are fully realized when notable savings in energy use and cost is achieved. Whether it is wired XBus™ or Ethernet (10/100Mbps), or wireless Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) or StrongMesh™ (802.15.4), the innovative systems from NetworkThermostat are a straightforward HVAC control application for businesses big or small. The fully customizable NetX™ solutions improve the overall operation of the facilities HVAC systems, for both the short and long term. This provides immediate cost savings by reducing utility expenses and long term savings by increasing the lifetime of the HVAC equipment. As can be seen in this example, the NetworkThermostat solution can pay for itself in a single heating or cooling season.

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