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BACnet Thermostats: Benefits for Building Engineers & Facilities Managers

Benefits of Installing Network Thermostat's BACnet Thermostats for Building Engineers and Facilities Managers

BACnet Thermostat - NetX - X7C - Commercial Grade Wi-Fi Thermostat

Since BACnet became a defacto deployment standard for commercial Building Automation Systems (BAS) in the early 2000s, its popularity has continued to grow and BACnet thermostats are showing up in more and more buildings. It’s easy to see why savvy Building Engineers are installing them. Below are ten of the more common reasons for using them.

(BACnet - Building Automation and Control Network- is the communications protocol for communication services used between building control systems and building automation end-devices. They use the ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO 16484-5 standards protocol.)

1.  Reduced Energy Costs

One primary and dominant benefit of installing network thermostats is that they can help to reduce energy costs. BACnet thermostats are more sophisticated than traditional thermostats and can be programmed via the Building Automation System to automatically adjust the temperature in a space based on occupancy levels. 

By connecting all of the thermostats in a building to a central network, building managers can more easily monitor and adjust temperatures to ensure that the building is not using more energy than necessary. Network thermostats typically have features that allow them to be automatically controlled based on occupancy or weather conditions to further reduce energy consumption and save money on utility bills.

2.  Increased Comfort for Occupants

By being able to monitor and adjust temperatures remotely, building managers are able to maintain a more consistent temperature which leads to improved comfort for occupants. NetX network thermostats have functions that allow them to adjust their settings based on occupancy so that areas not being used are not heated or cooled unnecessarily. 

3.  Reduced Maintenance Costs

Network thermostats provide reduced maintenance costs in a number of ways. By being able to relax temperature setpoints for areas not being used, heating and/or cooling does not unnecessarily engage, which can help to reduce wear and tear on HVAC systems and extend their lifespan with fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs.  Some HVAC systems may see their useful life extend by 20-25%.

The maintenance team's hours are often reduced by using connected BACnet thermostats because it gives them visibility into the HVAC equipment and its status without the requirement to be physically at the equipment or thermostat. 

4. Improved Efficiency

BACnet thermostats can also lead to higher energy efficiencies than traditional thermostats because they are able to communicate with the central controller and share information about each HVAC system, allowing building managers to make smarter operational decisions.  Smart programming directs the thermostats to make better decisions about when to heat or cool the building leading to significant energy savings, often as much as 20-25% of the overall HVAC equipment runtime.

5.  Increased Property Value

Because BACnet thermostats are often seen as an important improvement to a property, installing BACnet thermostats can also increase the property’s value.  Properties with BACnet thermostats often sell for more than those without them.

6.  Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction

BACnet thermostats enhance tenant satisfaction by providing a more comfortable and efficient environment. Tenants who are happy with their living, and working, conditions are more likely to renew their lease or contract, which can help to keep vacancy rates low. Happy tenants may also recommend the property to others, which can help to attract new tenants.

7.  Lower Insurance Rates

The smartest of BACnet thermostats, such as the NetX X5 and X7 thermostats, also include various other sensors for temperature, humidity, occupancy, CO2, VOC, and water leak detection.  It is not uncommon for building owners to experience lower insurance rates with BACnet thermostats with water leak sensing and alerting because they reduce insurance risks.

8.  Improved indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a growing concern – a BACnet thermostat is a great tool to improve indoor air quality. By using CO2 and VOC sensors, the NetX X7 BACnet thermostat will monitor, alert and manage fresh air intake to help improve indoor air quality and create a more comfortable environment.  NetX BACnet thermostats can be set to operate fans and other ventilation systems when needed to improve air circulation.   The NetX X7 thermostat can also reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth by managing UV-C air cleaning hardware.

9.  Enhanced security features

BACnet thermostats offer enhanced security features that traditional thermostats do not have. For example, BACnet thermostats can be programmed to require a password for access which can help to prevent unauthorized individuals from changing the settings on the device. Some BACnet devices include an emergency shut-off feature that can be used in the event of a fire or other emergency situations.

10.  Remote access capabilities

BACnet thermostats offer remote access capabilities - authorized individuals can access and change the settings on the device from any location with an Internet connection. This is beneficial for facilities that have multiple locations or for those who want to be able to control the temperature in their space even when they are away from home or office


More and more Builders and Architects are specifying wireless BACnet Thermostats for their projects. BACnet thermostats provide invaluable feedback to both building engineers and facility managers regarding energy usage behavior in the system, helping them easily identify areas that need improvement while enhancing energy efficiency.