Until now, managing Multi-Family HVAC has been challenging, time-consuming, and lacking features our tenants demand. Network Thermostat is proud to offer a new complete solution with the X-Series Thermostats and NT-CloudManager™ Software.

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Building Automation Does Not Have To Be Complicated Or Expensive.


If you own or manage a multi-dwelling unit property, ask yourself:

Let’s face it: smart thermostats are great for tenants, not for management companies.

They can bring more headaches when a tenant moves, and some property managers find they aren’t worth the challenge.

But tenants love the features of a smart thermostat. However, most don’t work well because residential solutions (backed by a deep-pocketed marketing budget) were not designed for highly complex multi-unit building automation.

Fortunately, there’s one solution on the market that has its roots in MDU deployments – and has mastered the features that please both tenants and management companies.

NetX Thermostats offer more features beyond just temperature control, including:

  • Universal dashboard control – property-wide for managers and unit-wide for tenants
  • Customized permission levels so you control what the tenant sees and what your team sees
  • Proactive alerts – from power outages to inefficient equipment operation and critical breakdowns
  • Simple and powerful scheduling to one, all or a subset of unit thermostats
  • Improved energy efficiency leveraging historical data and AI
  • Onboard data logging to avoid potential loss of data and accurate submetering billing
  • Pre-configuration for ease of installation and deployment
  • Systemic failure elimination embeds all critical technology within the thermostat, eliminating network system-wide failures found in traditional HVAC management platforms
  • Sleek design with a larger screen for ease of visibility
  • Competitive cost


NEW X-Series is the most advanced, powerful single platform design thermostat in the HVAC marketplace. The color touchscreen offers the features and great looks your tenants are looking for while providing you the behind the scenes control and monitoring. Need a submetering solution? No problem. Need fault protection? Our thermostats will continue to operate during network outages.

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CloudManager™ gives property managers the power to control an unlimited number of thermostats while defining separate multi-level access privileges to tenants and staff. With CloudManager™, building managers can deploy our NetX™ X-Series platform to any size facility and any number of properties in an MDU portfolio. Submetering support is available when multiple tenants are using a common HVAC system.

The desire for smart thermostat control in multi-user environments has presented challenges. On the one side, “smart” thermostats allow users to control their thermostats remotely. On the other, commercial/multi-family applications require centralized control. CloudManager™ bridges the gap allowing our new NetX™ X-Series color touchscreen thermostat to be controlled centrally by an administrator or building manager while granting access for users or tenants to control their individual thermostat via our CloudConnect™ service.

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