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Traditional Hardwired Network Thermostats.  
The Original. Shipping for 20 Years and Still Counting! 

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The NetX™ XBus wired systems have been shipping for nearly 20 years with thousands of systems of all sizes deployed around the world. By deploying customer solutions for a wide variety of HVAC control needs, these wired communications systems use NetX's exclusive 'free topology' for cabling, allowing the most efficient cabling methods to be used. A NetX XBus system integrates our powerful network controller(s) with the X5N-NX (both conventional gas/electric and heat pump), allowing simple management and scheduling of all of your HVAC systems. Using our popular (and free) NetX Command Center software for Windows environments or the sophisticated NetX-Web Cloud Service, NetworkThermostat makes it simple to effortlessly configure your daily schedules and vacations.

The X5N-NX is the updated version of the US32-NX, GE22-NX and HP32-NX thermostats.



Available Thermostats

HVAC Equipment Control Message Alerts Scheduling Remote Sensors Digital Inputs
X5N-NX Gas, Electric / Oil (2H/2C), Heat Pump (3H/2C) n/a NetX Controller, API Yes Yes
GE22-NX (Retired) Gas, Electric / Oil (2H/2C) n/a NetX Controller, API Yes Yes
HP32-NX (Retired) Heat Pump (3H/2C) n/a NetX Controller, API Yes Yes
US32-NX (Retired) Gas, Electric / Oil (2H/2C), Heat Pump (3H/2C) n/a NetX Controller, API Yes Yes