Streamside Solutions has developed event automation software that pulls data from room reservation systems and sends commands to NetX Thermostats to automatically control room conditions based on individual room or zone schedules. 


Events2HVAC is compatible with several reservation systems including Dean Evans EMS, CollegeNet R25, Cool Solutions Group ministrEspace, and EmergingSoft MeetingPlanner. Events2HVAC makes manually programming your NetX Thermostats a thing of the past. After a one-time setup of the software, event planners set the schedules in the room reservation system, and the room conditions are automatically controlled for each event. Thermostats are automatically set back to unoccupied settings between events. Events2HVAC can also control some lighting and security systems. This software is saving energy and man-hours at universities, churches, government agencies and convention centers across the United States.

For additional information see: Events2HVAC