NT-IPXB Network Controller

Posted: May 7, 2013

Network Thermostat Announces Ethernet Network Controller for XBus™ Wired and StrongMesh™ Wireless Thermostats

NetworkThermostat, a leading communicating thermostat manufacturer since 1995, announces the availability of a new Ethernet Network Controller, the NT-IPXB, for XBus™ wired and StrongMesh™ wireless systems. The XBus system provides institutions with wired network security and HVAC technicians with the flexibility to install up to 4000 feet total of CAT5 cable for thermostat command and control lines (two 1000 feet control cables per XBUS drive). Dual XBus drives allow connection and control of up to 32 NetX™ thermostats while limiting wiring headaches by providing power and data on the same CAT5 cable. When pulling communications cable is too costly or can’t be accomplished, NetX provides the solution. The NetX StrongMesh systems allow secure wireless communications using AES encryption for fast and secure installations. StrongMesh’s unique mesh network topology routinely overcomes troublesome RF areas, such as elevators or stucco walls with metal lathe, because each thermostat location acts as a transceiver and repeater.

The NT-IPXB includes full 10/100Mbps connections to simplify PCI compliance for the commercial world. Adjust temperature settings from VPN or the Internet with the integrated web server or from a Local Area Network (LAN). In addition, controlling multiple XBus or StrongMesh thermostats is as easy as controlling one. Use the free Enterprise-Class NetX-IP Command Center software for single screen drag-and-drop scheduling and control of multiple thermostats at different locations over the Internet.

Adding the optional NetX-Web™ web-based management software greatly enhances the power of new or existing NetX™ HVAC Control Systems. It takes our already highly efficient system to the next level with even more control, management, reporting and savings. In addition to our famous point-and-click scheduling and real-time control, NetX-Web™ provides a host of charts and graphs for dynamically viewing historical events and data. These features allow for the complete analysis of ever-changing HVAC environments, allowing schedules and set points to be fine-tuned for even greater energy savings while maintaining comfort. The NetX-Web allows for truly mobile command and control of your HVAC systems from any smartphone or tablet. User defined text and/or e-mail notifications can be set up for HVAC malfunctions or unscheduled environment changes.

Since the NT-IPXB stores the HVAC schedules in its onboard non-volatile memory, there is no need to worry about a third party “Cloud” server for basic functionality. Integrated back-up circuitry maintains real time clock/calendar accuracy in times of extended power outages without the need for batteries. Three LEDs provide a visual status indication for power, XBus communications and Ethernet connectivity.

NetworkThermostat also teamed up with the most powerful weather service, Weatherbug®. Weatherbug is integrated right into the controller, providing users with the outside temperature (without the need for a sensor), and outdoor temperature broadcast to all thermostats, allowing high and low balance point settings for heat pump thermostats to be used without the need for a ‘real’ outdoor sensor.

NetworkThermostat’s proprietary API allows commercial software developers and hardware integrators the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate the NetX system into other control and automation platforms.


The product is available through an ever-growing network of online retailers, HVAC distributors and contractors. Detailed information on this product, and NetworkThermostat’s industry leading network solutions can be found on the web at: http://www.networkthermostat.com , http://www.facebook.com/networkthermostat , email: sales@networkthermostat.com , telephone: 972-580-8001