Why do I need to register my device?

It is not necessary to register your device. There are 3 main reasons for registering a thermostat:

1. Remote access via CloudConnect. Annual service fees apply.
2. Remote access via DirectConnect. Router port forwarding required. No annual fees.
3. Courtesy connectivity alerts. If a registered thermostat does not "phone home" in any 4 hour period, a courtesy email is sent to the log-in email address.

If no clock is set (flashing 12:00) what are the override times?

In unlocked mode if the thermostat is run without setting the time the override will run until manually changed or until the clock is set and schedules start running.

In locked mode when the thermostat is run without setting the time the override will last for the duration of the override timer (set in the basic configuration). The default override timer is 8 hours. Once the override timer has expired the thermostat will revert to the non-override manual setpoints.

What Wi-Fi security protocols do your thermostats support?

NetX Wi-Fi thermostats support WEP 40/64-bit ASCII, WEP 40/64-bit Hex, WEP 104/128-bit ASCII, WEP 104/128-bit Hex, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK2. It is important to match the thermostat's Wi-Fi security type with that of your wireless network, otherwise you will not be able to connect the thermostat to your network. It is highly recommended to use either WPA or WPA2 security on your network due to better security.

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