Do I need to port forward my thermostats?

You will only need to port forward your thermostats if you are going to try to access them from outside the LAN and want to communicate directly with them. If you are unfamiliar with how to do port forwarding you can go to for step by step instructions.  If you cannot find instruction on for your router refer to the users manual or another online source for instructions.

Why can't I see my devices on the DirectConnect page?

In order to use our DirectConnect service you will need to make sure you have claimed your devices and entered at least a state and zip code in the address field. Use the same login credentials on the DirectConnect page as you used to claim the device.

How do I get my CloudConnect login credentials?

You must first register your thermostat under the configuration tab in either a browser or the Command Center. The information you used to register your device will be your login for the CloudConnect site. If you have more than one thermostat it is recommended that you register all of them with the same credentials.

Why am I getting a message in the IP-Command Center, when I try to set schedules, that says I am outside my heat and cool parameters?

First, check to make sure that your scheduled setpoints are within the the min/max cooling and heating setpoints on the configuration page. If this is correct then check your inactive schedules to make sure they are within the min/max cooling and heating parameters. Even if the schedules are inactive, it could cause an issue if the parameters are outside the min/max setpoints.

How does the IP version of your thermostats connect?

The IP versions connect via an RJ45 jack on the backplate of the thermostat, there is no need to strip any wires to connect to the thermostat. The Ethernet cable from the thermostat would then connect directly to your hub that is plugged into your router.

How do I set schedules?

From the PC software, Cloud Connect, or directly from the IP address of the thermostat in a browser go to the schedules tab. Check the active box above the schedule number then set the time you would like the schedule to start. Enter the setpoints you would like the schedule to reflect, the cool temperature will be the maximum temperature that will be reached before the air conditioner will turn on and the heat temperature will be the lowest temperature that will be reached before the heat will turn on.

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