The WCM-2 Wireless Coordinator Module is the 'brain' behind the powerful NetX™ StrongMesh™ wireless platform, making it simple to install a NetX StrongMesh thermostat system. The WCM-2 acts as the StrongMesh wireless mesh network coordinator and traffic cop. This allows every StrongMesh thermostat to also act as a communications repeater, giving wireless power, flexibility and reliability like never before in the thermostat platform. Simply by adding a WCM-2 on the XBus of the NT-IPXB network controller, the need for pulling communications cable from the controller to the thermostats is eliminated. Up to four (4) WCM-2's can be added to any NT-IPXB network controller, allowing for connection in buildings of just about any size and any complexity. The StrongMesh™ wireless system is so strong that it can punch through just about any construction material that's not solid steel. Since the WCM-2s connect to the NT-IPXB via a CAT5 cable, it can be mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the NT-IPXB. This makes it easy to place the NT-IPXB in a server room and place the WCM-2 out in a hallway, above an open ceiling, above the inside of a closet door, or just about any place else. If the building is multi-story and has solid steel decking between the floors, simply place a WCM-2 on each floor just by utilizing the conduit sleeves between the floors.